I am a trainee Computing and ICT teacher originally from the North East of England and working in East London.

Resources are an essential part of teaching people to program. There is a steep learning curve for many people when they start to learn. This blog discusses the social and technical sides of learning to program. It is also used to share and explain teaching resources that I find useful or have created myself for use with beginner programmers. The resources and discussions should be useful to anyone who wants to support others who are learning to program. Whether you’re a Computing teacher, a parent, a mentor or a beginner programmer yourself, hopefully you’ll find something you like.

Most of my resources are developed for the Raspberry Pi. The cost and features of this tiny computer make it ideal for beginner programmers to learn on.

Discussions represent my own views and are not necessarily reflected by that of my employer or any person or organisation I mention in this blog.

Unless otherwise stated all resources posted on this site are under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial license, meaning you can use them as much as you like, as long as you don’t make money from them.

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