Minecraft Pi Recipe Cards

by arghbox

These Raspberry Pi recipe cards include a selection of basic Python programs that work with Minecraft: Pi Edition. They are designed to be used in workshops or classrooms and cover some fundamentals of programming in Python. You can also use them by yourself as a quick introduction to Python programming with Minecraft Pi.

Each of the six recipe card has three parts. The front page gives an overview of what you’ll be doing:
Picture 4

The inside pages contain Python code that will create the program alongside an explanation:
Picture 6

The last page covers the concepts that were used in the program:
Picture 5

The first recipe card includes steps on how to allow Python to interact with a Minecraft Pi game. You’ll need to have Minecraft Pi installed, instructions to do this can be found here.

There are two sets available, one which is designed to be read on the computer and the other which is designed to be easily printed.

Recipe Cards Formatted for Computer

1. Teleport
2. Flower Path
3. Warehouse
4. Chat
5. Freeze
6. Block Fighter

Recipe Cards Formatted for Printing

1. Intro (Printer Friendly)
2. Flower Path (Printer Friendly)
3. Warehouse (Printer Friendly)
4. Chat (Printer Friendly)
5. Freeze (Printer Friendly)
6. Block Fighter (Printer Friendly)

There is also a free draft book on Python Programming with Minecraft Pi that goes into more depth, which can be found on here.